Tuesday, August 23, 2011

cinema saturday/sunday

a rare case of me going out of order on posts. not that the chronology of my life matters to you people. and not like it matters to me either apparently as all i do is post photos of food. no exception here of course. hit LA last weekend to hang out while some buddies were at pacfest in irvine. plan was to see a matinée of attack the block and see where it went from there.

no real pics of saturday, but the movie was awesome (favorite cinematic experience for myself all year thus far) and i got to chat it up with aziz ansari as he was viewing it in the same theatre. (sorry 30 seconds or less tanked bud.) (this guy DEFINITELY knows what i'm talking about.)

then off to balcones del peru across the street.

lomo saltado. fried egg to top because we beast like that.

plus the waitress hooked it up with some shots of chicha sangria. she was obviously into me.

grabbed some yogurt from menchis and went back to divita's. figured red box would be fun, but ended up going to last existing blockbuster and picking up your highness. then to 7-11 for some movie treats. fun movie and fattening time.

the following noon went to hook burger bistro in burbank.
got the trio as sides for the table. yum.

and their prime burger with bacon for me.

it's well put together, but the burger patty itself was somewhat bland. could get something similar from carls jr for a few bucks less. [/food snob]

thennn back to divita's to be lazy. watched extreme couponing and got more yogurt, this time from a place called chill. random spot found on yelp near their house, but it was my favorite out of the 3 spots i got froyo all weekend (went to yogurtland on friday night too). watched rango. fell asleep during rango. then it was time for sushi dinner at shiki.

pre-dinner snack first - paul's green sauce. it's like magic in a bottle.

i don't remember the names of everything, but they loaded the plates and all was delicious.

in case you were wondering, i gained 7 pounds that weekend.
in case you were wondering, i lost it all by the following thursday.
not healthy(?).

Friday, August 19, 2011

OMG. Burger.

the catch's 8 pound platter of fattiness.
the group has been trying to tackle this sucker for the past couple of months. with will and cassy getting higher educations on the east coast, it was a good time to gather the troops and attempt to take it out before they left for far off places.

but first, had to get a couple appetizers.
fried calamari...


and then the main course...

4 lbs of meat. 2 lbs of toppings. 2 lbs of fries.

stare down city

the chefs took it back to slice it up

surprisingly, the slices held up very well. even more surprisingly, it actually tasted good.

i salute you, unknown chef

and as a surprise, kevin eric and jenny prepared some cakes for the guests of honor

beagle cake for cassy

burgers/fries/onion rings/country fried steak for will

delicious slider

delicious dog

(it's normal! because we're asian!)

and as a weird tradition, will and cassy made some promise notes.

no backing out now you guys. it's officially on teh internetz.


all the best on your new adventures you two. (and everyone else in this picture i suppose...)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

ligan's bday beach bash benty beleven

no time to recover. couldn't sleep in after the previous night hard because it was straight to santa monica before noon to hit tower 24 for the yearly gathering of all of chris's friends. except it took the valet an hour to find james' car in their lot. and i was dying of hunger so we grabbed pho and boba in china town with eileen maggie and omar. and belle/vince were stranded due to a dead car battery. then the traffic. and the bathroom stops. and buying of chips and fruit snacks. and cups. and st john's wort....we made it to the sand about 4 hours later.

gotta love that oh-so-cloudy cloud cover

beltran spinning some tunes on his iPad


had some epic peppering despite all lack of skill

tower 24 is the place to be

norcal in the house

[deep voice] hello ladies.... [/deep voice]


(plus jomo)

re-enactment from last year

and another one + ligan rape

you're so popular chris

aaaaaand times three

back to k-town for some food with the remaining bodies. people somehow thought we'd be able to get into boiling crab at 8pm. that was a definite no-go (approx 2-hour wait and non-guarantee that they'd even be able to seat us) so we went to our favorite: LA FAM REST AYCE KBBQ

i actually like the non-classy photo better, but thought this one would be better to end with.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


my first "massive" (that's what you kids call it these days, right?). despite all the drugs in the vicinity, obnoxious ravers, and semi-repetitive bass loops, i surprisingly had an amazing time the entire night. met many a-cool people, listened to some great sets, danced a bunch, and had a shirt that apparently emits massive amounts of light when photographed. also, random big ups to alex wong. sober crew 2011! *high fiving a million angels*

unlike my brother, i didn't wander too much since i knew what i wanted to see. everything was good that night but my order of favorite acts goes as such:
skrillex > nero > chromeo > ratatat > destructo

ratatat probably would've scored higher, but it was near the same set from coachella and i already experienced it up-close. still awesome nonetheless. now, go more words and pictures! thanks mojo.

Nero - Promises (Calvin Harris Remix)

We all survived and passed with flying colors. I was able to see everyone I knew that was going. And I probably won't try to do that again. Bad reception, you were the bane of my night. It wasn't perfect, but I still had lots of fun. My favorite acts: Ratatat and Nero. I got to listen to Dillon Francis from the line, Odd Future (meh..), Nadastrom (sick), Destructo (sick), Chromeo (okay), Digitalism (sick), Duck Sauce, James Murphy & Pat Mahoney (surprisingly sick), Skrillex, and Boys Noize. Next time less walking, and more partying. I can't wait to do it over at Coachella 2012 next year Pacific Fest 2011 this Saturday.

Right off the bat, RANDOMLY ran into Jenn again. You know Anson too?! Group pic time.

Food trucks on site.

Sunset x LA Skyline




Also one of the last pictures we have of Cesar's shirt.

DESTRUCTO! Holy sh*t. (love these shots. so visceral.)


Default shoeboo pic. Tradition!

"Hey I don't know you guys, but you have the same shirt so you must be in the same group!"

No joke, after I took this picture, I wish I got the shirt too...


It's rare to have so many people together. Massive group pic time.

No photobombers allowed!


NERO! I must see them again...

James Murphy & Pat Mahoney

I think all the acts should use a tent.

Boys Noize. Thanks for the little encore.

Late night metro. Money.