Wednesday, June 29, 2011

engaged: jazzy and brucey

congrats you two. love and hearts all around! =)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

pub crawling

iris's birthday! celebrating in santa monica by trekking through the local bars, hanging out with friends, playing games, and getting drunk. sounds like another grand saturday. sorry we could only stick around for the first stop, but it was fun while it lasted...gooooo pictures!

the brig. pretty sweet spot. has a table just for flip cup too.

everyone was late so they caught up on alcoholism by playing 5 games straight.

round 4: ladies vs fellas

stare-downs are intense

guys are at the anchor. girls...not so much.

please hammer, don't hurt em.

pro status

and in second place (...out of two teams...) - the females!

like a boss.

happy birthday again iris! thanks for having your shindig so dang far from orange county =P

Monday, June 13, 2011

limited pictures from the weekend

long beach plus adios plus two shots equates to most drunk ever. no pics to display. fell asleep at 5am on saturday morning to wake up 3 hours later and get myself a haircut. no pics to display. then it was off to the actual long beach to hit up roscoes and hang out with hana. haven't seen each other in a long while and it's always great to catch up. apologies to her once again for being so freaking out of it due to the night prior. pics to display.

the eclipse is still the go-to drink for me


white meats and gravy

the food looks so much better when it's not being beat down with orange lights.

hana likes to eat her breakfast at 1pm

she headed out to hang out with her mum so i hung out with rob and wandered the shops in LA. thanks for the shirt buddy. no pics to display. headed back to anaheim at 7pm and fell asleep twice while driving home. no accidents to display. still, highly unrecommended. kbye.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

too much food

spent the weekend hanging out with friends and just plain being unhealthy. enjoy the f00d.

knights...a greek spot in burbank. these guys enjoy their beer on taps.

greek salad

chicken lentil soup

pita bread. hummus was on the house because they liked us for some reason.

got the lamb combo...yummers

then off to yogurtland down the block to fatten us up even more

graham cracker and thin mint flavors were legit

hit griffin in eagle rock that night. then peeps had the munchies at 1am. came home with this.

group had a stupid discussion over what kind of noodles we liked best. (this obviously being a argument on what kind of asian ethnicity we subconciously appreciate the most.) it came down to pho versus ramen, and neither side would concede....

...but then the following morning we hit up ramen jinya, soooo...go japan!! (?)



shoyu tonkotsu with corn and fresh garlic on the side (plus free egg thanks to yelp!)

the family enjoying the delicious meal

if you get the chance, spring for the shio tonkotsu. the broth is BOMB.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

memorious day

3 day weekend!!!...made use of the last day off by sleeping in till noon, gathering any remaining troops who weren't out of town or working, and hitting LA for a random afternoon.

found the local fast4furious driving range and smacked some balls
after they taught me proper form, found out i was pretty darn good for a newbie (this isn't me)

unfortunately my camera settings were completely messed up and i didn't get many usable pics

headed to the arclight afterwards to watch the second hangover...meh.

then over to anson's for our weekly photoshoot/hangout/AYCE KBBQ fix

"i don't know how to pose!"...good one chris

looks like we decided on looking in the other direction today

LA FAM REST. hopefully we become regular enough that they don't need to card us anymore.

the spread

pouring like a baws

to 3-day weekends!

and then it was back to work the next day...wah wah...