Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day BBQ

last weekend was a blast. body is still recovering from all of it.
started off with janice's birthday on friday which led to a BBQ at burbank.

pre partay at jomo's home away from home

plaid swag

i always wondered what their fire alarm sounds like.

and that's all the pics. check jomo's blog for his coverage.

...the next day...

these skewers look familiar

this burger meat looks familiar too

awwwww yeaaaahhhhh

patty caking

motion blur as a means to convey action

sun tanning/burning while we grilled

yeeeah buddy

food coma. watched piranha 3d. then to menchies for dessert.

kissy faces

ended the night with wario ware, shots, watermelon, and green hornet.

always nice to just relax with the family.

next up: real world san diego (pt 2) vs. a thousand filipinos....

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