Tuesday, May 26, 2009

best playoffs ever.

no one reads this yet. it doesn't matter what i type about my awesome weekend. i'll just be reiterated events to myself pointlessly. i'd rather play street fighter 4 than spend my time typing to entertain no one.

but the magic/cavs game is still going on, i'm more interested in lebron than kobe (pause.) and i wanna see how this game turns out. might as well show some semi-productivity while i have some time.

i went to SF this weekend. stayed with hana and grace. met up with tiff and her mom. thanks for taking me in, showing me around, i love you all, and hope you enjoy your early/late birthday presents. thanks to viren who picked me up from the airport. thanks to viren and smarshie for taking me home and watching TV with me. i love you two and hope you enjoy your early/late bday presents as well.

more-so on my mind: why do angry people feel the need to yell at customer service? what is the point in killing the messenger? last call of my day, i spent 15 minutes trying to help this woman out. after doing everything i could, she goes off for 3 straight minutes as to why our customer service sucks. i understand why she would be pissed, but how does yelling out me solve anything? friends in the past have said they would do the same thing, citing that it's part of the job to get verbally smacked by the customer. i would agree if it was that specfic agent's fault for a screw-up, but more often than not it's an entirely different department that they have no control over.

i'm not focused anymore. 1 point tied. 1:15 left.

anyhow, working from the side of customer service, the demoralizing effect of being ripped apart by a caller just messes you up for the rest of the day. bringing something of intelligence into this post - one of the stats that has stuck with me from UCI classes is that for each bad thing that occurs in one's life, they need 7 neutral or good things to break even. eff all of our lives.

and now some pics form the weekend that i enjoyed.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Five Years Later

Super emo title.

I'm getting back into this crap of typing out my life for the entertainment of others. What will make this better than last time is that I have a high powered camera to display visuals. Hopefully this will force me to be not-so long-winded in my explanations. Not that anyone who will read this actually read (past tense) my blog from 8+ years ago.

Also, EFF blogspot for getting rid of my original blog. (kayot! Way ahead of it's time. It had a freaking exclamation point in the URL. You'll never see that crap again. Like literally.

PS. I'm sorry this is gonna suck for the first few/many posts. I have to get back in the swing. Also revitalize my memory of HTML code. I already hacked the template for jomo's and mines. Just needs to figure out all this format junk. I'll lay low till I like where I'm at.

in other news:

This is for Rob.